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Ghost ship investigation claims life of security officer

BETREKA NEBULA — While responding to a distress call, the USS Constitution became trapped in a subspace disturbance, and a Starfleet security officer was killed in the line of duty.

The crew received the call from the USS Unity, a ship long since declared lost with all hands. Upon locating Unity, Captain Rajel sent an away team to the ship to gather information regarding the disappearance of the ship and her crew.

Early reports indicated an unknown entity aboard Unity. The entity was capable of absorbing energy, and revealed itself to the away team in terrifying images, provoking a fight-or-flight response in its victims. While the majority of the team made it back to Constitution, Senior Chief Petty Officer Riyao was killed during the encounter.

“It is always unfortunately to lose a member of your crew. Riyao is no exception. He served us well and with honor. I believe it is safe to say the crew will miss him,” said Lt. Cdr. T’Mar, Constitution’s Executive Officer, who was also a member of the away team.

Ultimately, the trouble was not confined to Unity; the entity soon began creating problems on Constitution as well. Through skill in engineering and creative thinking, however, the crew found a way to minimize the subspace disturbance that was keeping them there.

The crew also prevented the entity from tagging along on their ship, without which safely leaving the nebula would have been impossible. Now out of harms way, the crew of Constitution is focusing on rest and recovery, and keeping the friends and family of SCPO Riyao in their thoughts and hearts.

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