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Here’s what’s happened in our Fleetwide Plot Arc for 2016

The threads are weaving throughout the fleet. Each ship has dealt with a seemingly unrelated event that will, at some point, tie together as part of the Fleetwide Plot Arc. To recap so far, here are some of the highlights from each ship.

StarBase 118 Ops

The base hosts the Tribble Fanciers Association Annual Convention of 2393. During her speech, the keynote speaker collapses and the station is almost overrun with weaponized tribbles. The man thought to be responsible for it all, tribble breeder Boris Malinov, somehow escapes capture. He’s later found murdered on Tilanna V, a planet on the Federation-Klingon border rife with corruption and drug addiction. The governor of Tilanna V asks the Federation to help solve the murder and the crew of SB118 Ops complies. When corruption and struggles to maintain a criminal empire threatens the ability of the crew to complete their mission, they are put to the test. They manage to find connections to a mysterious criminal organization, the shadowy Jenatris Confederation. Who runs this mysterious Confederation, and what do they want?

Embassy of Duronis II

The Embassy staff, with the aid of its support vessels USS Thunder-A, USS Bronwyn and USS Shadow have gone to an asteroid field to infiltrate a facility of wanted fugitives. They succeed, but what did the fugitives want, and why now?

USS Constitution-B

The Constitution is out to discover what happened to the USS Unity, an Oberth-class research ship that disappeared over 100 years ago. They head to the Bretaka Nebula due to receiving a cryptic message, “they are coming… they are coming…”. Upon arriving in the nebula, some of the crew is dispatched on an away team, where they begin hallucinating. On the ship itself, there was a strange gas leak and an attack in Sickbay by a wayward Emergency Medical Hologram called “Mark.” Can the crew figure out who or what is responsible for the questions plaguing them?

USS Darwin-A

The crew, led by recently promoted Fleet Captain Renos, helps to establish a joint Federation-Talaxian Outpost in the Pouiyeog Region of the Delta Quadrant. The outpost, Unity, built on the surface of an as-yet impenetrable Dyson Sphere, will be the Darwin’s new home. The party to celebrate the opening was short-lived, as Borg activity was detected. Upon arriving in the sector where the Borg signal originated, the crew discovered a group of disconnected Borg drones on a nearby planet and a cloud of nanites that took a position behind Darwin, apparently using the ship as a shield against weapons fire from the planet. A team is assembled in one Darwin’s labs to research the possibility of nanite sentience and the possibility of communication. Meanwhile, teams go to the surface to ensure the disconnected drones cannot re-establish a link with the Collective, the Borg weapons are destroyed and to check on the stability of the Borg drones.

USS Doyle-A

After heading to Deep Space 285 for a bit of shore leave, the the Doyle crew is instead called upon to help investigate a murder on the station. At the same time, there is malfunction of one of the replicators in a science lab, causing it to spew out a dangerous chemical. The crew were able to identify the toxin as khrovcet, a known toxin used in Klingon bioweapons. Though the crew were able to apprehend a suspect in the murder, who caused the replicator to malfunction remains a mystery, for they were temporarily reassigned to the USS Sheffield, registry NCC-43523, a Steamrunner-Wolverine class ship while the Doyle underwent upgrades to its software. Sent to investigate the possibility of dilithium mining, due to the recent shortage because of the mining strike, in the Avalon Sector, the crew was on its way to the planet Pariah when it suffered a critical power failure, causing the ship to tailspin into the atmosphere and escape pods to be launched. Who will they encounter on the planet, and with what purpose?

USS Gorkon

Missing in the Menthar Corridor. No wreckage or message beacons have been found. A search party has been looking, but so far has found no evidence regarding their disappearance. Who, or what, is responsible for their disappearance remains a mystery.

USS Invicta

The Charles Lindbergh, a quantum-slipstream drive enabled civilian starliner operated by Unity Transport, carrying important Federation officials, is hijacked by colonial extremists. The Invicta is ordered to respond. What will the terrorists demand, and why?

How do these ships connect as part of the events of the War of Shadows? Stay tuned, as there’s bound to be unexpected plot twists and turns during the rest of the arc.

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