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Graphics Contest: Join the last round!

Is the Flash fast enough to run to a spaceship and rescue them from pirates? Will Tank Girl join Starfleet on the battlefield? Would anyone mistake Megamind for a Bolian? Or does Dru finally manage to steal a moon and get into trouble with Klingons wanting it back? So many possibilities for the Graphics Contest crossover month – our last Graphics Contest.

You’re seeing that correctly: This is the LAST round of the Graphics Contest. We thank everyone who has joined in the past (and in this round) who made this a fun ride! Now help end it with a bang!

The deadline to enter is April 23rd. For more information check here in our announcement post and if you have more questions check into our discussion post!

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Jess, the writer behind Jalana Rajel, has been writing for the longest part of her life, so it was only a matter of time until she would join UFOP: SB118. She lives in Germany with the love of her life, Michael, and spends most of her time in one of various creative activities, reading, writing or geeking out over her favourite shows, virtual worlds or games.
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