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Federation News Service: April 2393

The Federation News Service is a spinoff of UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG, reporting news headlines from across the United Federation of Planets to Federation citizens. The stories below were published on FNS in the month of April.

Nouakchott, Punta Arenas to host United Earth Parliament – Government & Politics, Stardate 239304.05
SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — The United Earth Parliament published its calendar of sitting dates for 2394, revealing which cities will host the planetary legislature during its two plenary sessions next year. Cities around the planet have hosted sessions of the parliament since 2388, due to a major renovation of the existing legislative complex in San Francisco, which should be completed late next year.

New Gwalior flotilla commander takes command of Starfleet forces – Current Affairs: Stardate 239304.17
INTAR SYSTEM — With the impending departure of USS Kumari, Captain Yineth Nikara arrived today to assume command of Starfleet forces in the area. Captain Yineth was a prominent member of the Bajoran Resistance and entered Starfleet after a period of service in the Bajoran Militia. Prior to taking up his current assignment, Yineth led a Starfleet exploration of a previously uncharted region of the Gamma Quadrant.

Dilithium shortage worsens following plant meltdown – Trade & Business: Stardate 239304.19
NAGIL IV — The Federation’s strained dilithium market was hit hard by the loss of yet another key source of the precious mineral, following a core meltdown at a processing center. The meltdown was attributed to microscopic fissures that had formed in the equipment. A previous inspection of the facility noted the reactor was showing signs of wear, but plant management denies faulty equipment was the cause of the meltdown.

Outpost Unity: A slice of home in the Delta QuadrantLife & Travel: Stardate 239304.21
POUIYEOG REGION — In the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant lies a station offering both new sights and familiar comforts and tastes for the adventuring traveler. Outpost Unity, a new space station jointly operated by Starfleet and the Talaxians, can be reached by quantum starship in just two weeks, despite being over 30,000 light years from Federation space.

Joint task force repels Borg incursion – Current Affairs: Stardate 239304.26
TRILL — A Borg incursion into the Alpha Quadrant has been repelled by a combined Federation-Klingon-Cardassian task force. The USS Portland successfully infiltrated a transwarp conduit in construction near Trill and collapsed it from within. The crew also were successful in rescuing an assimilated Starfleet captain whose knowledge was used by the Borg to construct the conduit.

Border world joins Klingon Empire – Current Affairs: Stardate 239304.29
TILANNA V — The troubled planet of Tilanna V, once rejected for Federation membership, has found solace within the Klingon Empire. In an interview with FNS writer Manisha Patel, the Governor of Tilanna expresses hopes that stability will return to the planet under Klingon rule, and  that the Klingons will resurrect its long-dormant duranium mining industry.


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Nash Blaxland is a human journalist with a career spanning over 20 years. A graduate of the University of Tasmania and the University of Alpha Centauri, Blaxland is a fifth-generation journalist and has been a correspondent for the Federation News Service since 2392, based from both Earth and StarBase 118.
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