Join us TODAY for FallFest VI

Join us TODAY for FallFest VI

Join us TODAY for the annual FallFest online convention! As a reminder: this event will take the place of our regularly scheduled fleet wide chat.
FallFest is today, Saturday, November 12. Festivities will last until 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern / 2am London / 1pm on Nov. 13 Sydney (AUS)
There is a lot on the schedule for you to check out, from chat-based roleplaying to a trivia contest. Be sure to stop by and say “hi!” during the following workshops led by our very own StarBase 118 staff: “Writing Romances” led by Fleet Captain Renos; “Standing the Test of Time: led by Admiral Toni Turner and Fleet Captain Renos; and “Adding Humor to Games” run by Captain Sal Taybrim. These sessions start at 9am Pacific / 12pm New York / 5pm London / 4:30am Sydney (AUS).
You can check out the full schedule and get the convention chat link here: FallFest 2016.
Get your convention hats on! Let’s storm the internet and show everyone how awesome StarBase 118 can be!

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