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Badges Awarded to the Top Sims Round Winners from 2016 Round 3

With voting now live for the Top Sims Runoff Set 3, we have some Badges to hand out… namely, the Top Sim Round Winner Badge!

By being chosen as the author of the Top Sims for Rounds 14-20, the following receive the aforementioned Badge (or added tip, in the case of this being a multiple citation):

  • Sudarshan Scudder
  • Savan
  • Jalana Rajel
  • Mirra Ezo (x2, for her wins in Rounds 16 and 17!)
  • Antero Flynn
  • John Valdivia
  • Tyr Waltas

Be sure to congratulate these badge winners, and vote in the runoff for the best sim to proceed to the final round for a chance to compete for the Top Sim of 2016!

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