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Publicity Project: Writing Forums Outreach

As part of our ongoing efforts to spread the word about the fun and excitement of simming, this month’s Publicity Project is all about finding new friends on writing forums!

Your task is to seek out reputable (professional-looking), active (thousands of members or more) message boards for amateur writers and investigate opportunities for engagement and advertising (in post signature, in a special forum, in banner ads). Joining in with this important publicity work is super easy. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Open this spreadsheet, so you can see what writing forums we’ve already identified. We’re looking for writing forums that aren’t already listed.
  2. To find suitable forums, use one of these handy search strings (include all the quotes):
    • “writing” + powered by vbulletin
    • “writing forum”
    • “writing” + “board”
  3. You’re looking specifically for forums where you can easily register and post something about our game. That means you’ll need to read the rules of the message board and see if they have special rules about where you can post announcements regarding other websites.
  4. For forums that allow link-posts that direct people back to our site: We need to find out the exact rules so we don’t commit a faux pas, and we do blend in with the forum community.
  5. Register an account and aim to post at least once a week in interesting threads, and provide good contributions that make us look good!
  6. Once you’ve spent some time contributing to threads, set up your forum signature with a link back to our main website:

Once you’re done, make sure to check-in on our own forums in the thread about this project and let us know how it went!

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