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Poll of the Week: The Outsiders

As I am sure we are all aware by now, our favorite television shows and movies that portray life in the Star Trek universe revolve around those who work in Starfleet, the space navy of the future. Most of the characters we have watched are involved in one form or another directly in the space naval military culture of whatever era of the Star Trek universe we happen to be watching that day. But not all.

Except for The Original Series, there are also many civilians who were regulars on the other incarnations of the Star Trek television episodes. For example, in Enterprise we were introduced to Doctor Phlox, who was not a member of Starfleet at that time. In The Next Generation, we are immediately introduced to the boy-wonder Wesley Crusher, who eventually became a Starfleet officer at a really early age based on several factors which I personally have a lot of issues with to begin with, but which can be held out for another debate. In Deep Space 9 we have a much larger group of civilians running around, and who can forget the civilians on board Voyager starting with Neelix and Kes?

So that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week question: Who are your favorite non-Starfleet officers in the Star Trek universe? I have left the door open to multiple responses, so head on over to the polls and go ahead and vote away and tell us why you chose the way you did and if there is anyone you wish to add to the list, let us know!

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