Poll of the Week: Painting the Town Red

Poll of the Week: Painting the Town Red

This week’s Poll of the Week will be focusing on places where you would best like to unwind on the weekend. Where you would like best to head out to, meet friends at and perhaps make new friends at.
The characters portrayed in Star Trek like to frequent several places away from the stresses of running their ships to relax. Would you like best to head to the 602 Club, a bar in Mill Valley on Earth in the 22nd century? Or would you rather go to the Marseilles Poolroom, the holographic bar portrayed in the episodes of Voyager? Maybe your taste is closer in tune with going to the Quantum Café a drink bar found on Earth in the 24th century as portrayed in the Voyager episode “In The Flesh” or maybe Quark’s is more up your alley? Perhaps you are a little more adventurous and would be more at home at the Shipyard Bar, portrayed in the 2009 New Star Trek film or maybe you are more old school and Ten Forward would be the place you would be most comfortable with?
Had on over to the polls and go ahead and vote for your favorite watering hole of the future and as always, if you can come up with any others, feel free to add and please let us know why you chose as you did!

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