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Poll of the Week: Q-Tip!

Star Trek just wouldn’t be Star Trek if not for reoccurring antagonists in each series. The Original Series had the Klingons, Deep Space 9 the Cardassians, Voyager, the Borg and Enterprise had the Xindi. All made regular appearances to somehow disrupt, or at least try to disrupt those various captains and crews. But who can forget the Next Generation’s Q?

Portrayed by actor John DeLancie, Q took being an antagonist to the crew of Enterprise to a whole new level. Putting them on trial for the crimes of humanity, introducing the Borg to the Federation, trying to entice them with their wildest desires, placing them into various scenarios to be played out, and of course, throwing them backwards and forwards through time.

So that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week question. Did you like the character of Q or did you hate him? Either way, we here at Poll of the Week are eager to find out your thoughts on the omnipotent one. So head on over to the polls let us know why you feel the way you do!

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