Scientists baffled by strange readings as Starfleet assembles rapid response team

Scientists baffled by strange readings as Starfleet assembles rapid response team

Zeta Gelis Region — After strange readings were recorded by the USS Dunbar, a small survey ship, shortly before it sent out a distress call, Starfleet has recommissioned the USS Darwin to immediately investigate.
Heated debate erupted among scientists aboard Deep Space 6 for the past week over the Dunbar’s readings with some warning that they are potentially the sign of an emerging anomaly, connected to the ongoing crisis at Prometheus Station in which massive subspace rifts have formed. Others believe the small ship’s sensors were poorly configured and merely picking up amplified readings from the Zeta Gelis cluster nearby.
Regardless, Starfleet has deemed that the situation warrants further investigation, especially in light of new details regarding the Dunbar’s dire situation.
“When the Dunbar checked in again six hours ago the transmission was garbled, and we were only able to receive a portion of their data package,” remarked Ensign Rhanu, the Ops officer aboard Deep Space 6 who was on duty at the time. “She’s currently adrift, being pulled towards the unidentified phenomenon, and their chief engineer is missing.”
Adding to the urgency are reports of Zalkonian activity in the area—their interest in the matter unknown but suspicious. The Zalkonians are a mysterious, isolationist people who rarely interact with other species or reveal their intentions. While it remains as yet unclear whether the Zalkonians are responsible for the disappearance of the Dunbar’s chief engineer, Starfleet is leaving nothing to chance.
The USS Darwin (NCC­-99312-A), a Horizon class vessel equipped with the fleet’s most advanced science suite and top of the range sensors, has been dispatched by Starfleet Sciences and Technologies (SST). For this crucial mission, Starfleet has entrusted command of the Darwin to Commander Renos, an officer with a demonstrated track record and whose previous experience with the Zalkonians should prove invaluable. Commander Renos and the Darwin will investigate the strange readings and their relation to the Prometheus crisis, the situation aboard the Dunbar, and determine the involvement and intentions of the Zalkonians.

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