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Mark your calendar: October fleetwide chat

Our next chat is scheduled for Sunday, October 11th at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern / 5pm GMC UTC (UK) / 4am Monday UTC+11 (AUS). Always check your time zone for accuracy/DST if applicable!

To participate, simply head to our online chat room, at: — if you have problems connecting, use the instructions listed below the chat box. Also, feel free to come onto the Voice Chat server – instructions are available here.

Our fleetwide chats are a space for all the members of the StarBase 118 group to get together and talk in real time about everything that’s happening within the group. Find out what’s going on with your fleetmates, how the Halloween contest is shaping up, what’s in store for the holidays and more!

Want to see what a fleet chat is like? Check out September’s chat log on the wiki!