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Borg threat thwarted by USS Constitution

ABOARD USS CONSTITUTION-B — After responding to a distress call, the crew of the Constitution had to outsmart the greatest threat to the Federation: The Borg.

The crew of the USS Constitution-B, under the command of Commander Jalana Rajel, scrambled to counter an invasion of Borg nanites on their ship. The Borg threat appeared after the Constitution came to the assistance of the freighter, SS Medina Ascending. What Rajel and her crew did not know then, however, was that Ras Xanatos, the Captain of the Medina Ascending, was a liberated Borg who attempted to assimilate the away team with by dispersing his nanites across his own ship. When a sample of the Medina Ascending‘s hull was innocently brought in for study, it also brought along those very same Borg nanites, triggering a red alert.

A team of engineers worked to disable the nanites, while a medical team worked to save Xanatos after he was driven mad from all the nanites re-entering his body. With the help of the Intelligence department, the Engineers managed to disable the Borg shields and installed an advanced computer virus to lower their defenses long enough to be destroyed.

“If a frequency is found to disrupt the nanites shielding, a much lower electromagnetic pulse would be as effective on them and would not be as harmful to our equipment, ” Lieutenant junior grade Jack Gard explained.

While the engineering team put their plan into action, Rajel dealt with her First Officer being transferred to a covert assignment. Rajel eventually selected her long time friend Lieutenant Commander T’Mar to take over that role. T’Mar had previously served in that capacity on another ship prior to transferring to the Constitution. With the staff situation and the Borg situation resolved, the Constitution – with the Medina Ascending in tow – made its way toward StarBase 11 for some well deserved shore leave. Some crew began celebrating in the ship’s lounge, while others began planning for a round of poker.

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