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April 2015 Post Totals

April brought some strong increases to the majority of the ships in the Starbase 118 fleet: Six of the fleet’s 11 ships posted gains over March’s numbers, including the Doyle (previously the Constitution) and 118 Ops, both of which increased by more than 50 sims from March into April! Apollo and Garuda both improved by a couple dozen sims, and Columbia and the Embassy also improved. Overall, it was a month of strong differences, as there was a difference of about 100 sims between the highest- and lowest-simming ships — and this in strong contrast to March’s comfortably stable numbers, save for the Gemini‘s impressive gains.

sim totals april 2015


As in March, April 2015’s simming numbers matched exactly the numbers of a previous April — in this case, 2013, which then saw an increase as it headed into May. Something similar is no doubt in store for 2015, as the improved numbers across the fleet suggest that most ships are experiencing an uptick in activity. The decommissioning of the Excalibur is definitely unfortunate, but there’s every possibility that her former crew, most of whom were able to transfer in pairs, will help encourage and be encouraged by their new crews and make May a great month for everyone.

avg sims april 2015

Stay tuned, and be sure to keep up with those sims as they come with our fleet archive!

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