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USS Apollo-A under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence

DEEP SPACE 5 – After a taxing mission, the crew of the USS Apollo-A is under investigation by Starfleet Intelligence. Are they behind the sudden change of ships for the crew?

The crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669-A, riddled with viruses from the incident around the escaped prisoners (whom the crew has apprehended and returned into the hands of authorities), docked at Deep Space 5 to begin repairs to their systems and enjoy a well deserved shore leave. This endeavour was cut short when only minutes after docking the ship was put into lockdown by a Starfleet Intelligence Audit Investigator team, under leadership of Commander Thomas Prendar.

Prendar and three of his officers led one-on-one interrogations with part of the crew, namely Lieutenants Nathaniel Wilmer and Sinda Essen, as well as Lieutenant Commanders Kalos Fiorr and S’Lone tr’Khellian. Content of the meetings as well as their results have not been made public as of this time. Meanwhile two of Prendar’s officers held a drill session for the remaining senior staff on the holodeck.

The drill did not run as smooth as it was possibly planned, as the senior staff found themselves in a desert setting with the task to run a five mile parcours. It did not take too long until the Nurse, Ensign Dial, collapsed in the sand due to dehydration. This moment marked the end of the planned drill, as the rest of the seniors refused to go on and stood by Dial’s side, while Starfleet Intelligence (SFI) officers Lieutenant Green and Lieutenant Rahz continued to order them back to the drill.

The whole situation got heated between the SFI and the seniors, but was defused when an Engineer, Ensign Rustyy Hael, who came too late to the drill behind locked doors, decided to help out his comrades by hacking into the program and change the settings. Though the programmed rain for his colleages was not restricted to the holodeck, something went wrong in the programming and the whole deck was flooded in rain until stopped by Hael. At this point the seniors were dismissed by the SFI Officers.

When asked about theories of the SFI’s visit, Fiorr only remarked, “Let’s just be glad it’s over right? They’ll never tell you why they’re here unless they want us to know. So guessing about it won’t do us any good. Let’s not dig our own hole here or add more stress to an already unpleasant situation.”

While the crew hasn’t yet learn the results of the investigation, the SFI left the Apollo and lifted the lockdown. But the newly found freedom didn’t last long, as the crew received order to make way to Deep Space 285 immediately. Thanks to the quantum slipstream drive they arrived about an hour later and were soon after hit by another surprise.

The biggest part of the crew found transfer orders to relocate to the USS Constitution, NCC-9012-B, under a new Commanding Officer: Commander Jalana Rajel. At this time it is not known why their former Acting CO, LtCmdr Akeelah D’Sena, has not received the position, or if it has anything to do with the SFI Investigation. However, it has been confirmed that D’Sena had stepped back from the FO position and had returned to the Security department. The position of the First Officer was filled with the former Acting FO and Head of the HCO department, Nathaniel Wilmer, who has also received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

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