Watch That Grammar!

Watch That Grammar!

Part of writing well is finding a way to keep your grammar razor-sharp. It’s the best way to be sure that you’re conveying all of your thoughts, feelings and ideas correctly and without ambiguity. While it’s possible to communicate without following the letter of the law and certainly true that your characters probably won’t do that while they’re talking (unless they want to sound as though they’re from a Dickensian novel), it’s actually a lot easier to get to grips with grammar than you think. It’s just like playing a game by a certain set of rules – once you’re familiar with the guidelines, it becomes much easier for you to chalk up some easy grammatical victories!
2014’s new grammar tutorial points towards some specific issues that can often go wrong but are easy to fix. When do you use capitals for trek-specific terms and when do you not? How can you use commas to preserve the meaning in complex sentences? And how do semicolons work? With specific examples of how all of these can slot nicely into the pockets on your utility belt, we hope this tutorial helps you towards your first dan in grammar-fu!

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