The Case Of The Mysterious Stone

The Case Of The Mysterious Stone

In the original Star Trek series, there were several alien beings that would appear or disappear at will and without the use of a teleporter. We don’t have that ability in the real world, but it seems that a certain rock on a certain red planet might.

Actually, the rock probably doesn’t have any strange abilities or psychokinetic powers, but it did manage to give NASA scientists a start. The organisations rover, Opportunity, has made its home on Mars for the last ten years – all the while sending pictures of the fourth planet. Two pictures, taken within seconds of each other, show one difference – a rock appeared where one hadn’t been previously!
While some may attempt to use this as proof that life does exist on Mars in the form of jelly doughnut shaped rocks that enjoy photobombing as a hobby, scientists believe one of the rover’s wheels simply kicked up the rock as it rolled along. Its shape certainly caught the eye, but what makes it so unusual is the rock’s makeup. Scientists found that it’s extremely high in sulfur and contains twice as much magnesium as anything else they’ve found on Mars. Head on over to read more about this strange, small stone.

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