Sowing the Seeds

There are enough potential members out there for us to double the number of ships in the fleet almost overnight — we just need to help them find us! It’s easy to contribute, doesn’t take a lot of time and converts directly into applications to the academy! It’s time to answer the call!

The Publicity Team has been working to keep the name of UFOP: StarBase 118 up in lights around the simming community and the internet as a whole, but we can never have enough members! We don’t ask for a huge time commitment, just 15 minutes a week, but imagine how you’d feel when those 15 minutes convert themselves into a member who applied because of something you did! There’s no feeling like it – you’re at the cutting edge of the group and one of the people responsible for sourcing its very lifeblood: new cadets.

Do you want to take a role in expanding our universe? Do you want new shipmates and a way to directly contribute to your progression in the fleet by involving yourself in an OOC group? Just submit your information below and you’ll be added to the team by Fleet Captain Diego Herrera.

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We are a Star Trek roleplaying game

We are a free, fun, and friendly community of Star Trek fans who write collaborative fiction together. It’s easy to join – we’ll teach you everything you need to know!
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OOC activities

Looking for something fun to do? We have a whole list of fleet activities that are looking for members like yourself! Check out the Fleet Activity List today to see where you'll fit in.