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Help with Publicity: Register at

Each month, the Publicity Team posts an easy task you can do to help with our community’s publicity efforts, which are incredibly important in growing our fleet, keeping ships stocked with new members, and ensuring the longevity of our group.

This month, we’re going to show you how to register at TrekBBS and post a message. Participating in Star Trek forums across the internet, using a signature and avatar with our logo and a link to us, is useful in piquing peoples’ interests and reaching the very specific audience who wants to find us. This only takes a few minutes, and can have an outsized impact on future recruiting, so let’s get started!

First, point a new browser tab to, and click on the “Join Us” link near the top of the page:


Next complete the registration instructions. You can give a fake birthdate if you want — they’re just checking to se if you’re older than 13. I used “SB118_Wolf” as my user name so that people would see clearly my affiliation. You don’t have to do that, but it definitely shows you’re a member of our group very clearly!

Once you’ve completed registration, you should receive a confirmation link via email. Check your spam folder if you didn’t get it.


Now that registration is complete, let’s set up your profile to make it eye-catching and draw people to our website. Head to the user control panel to edit your details, and fill in the URL of our website:


Then click on “Edit Signature” in the sidebar on the left. Use something like this:

Founder of [URL=””]UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG[/URL], offering the highest quality experience on the internet today with a friendly and welcoming online community that’s over 20 years old!

Edit the first few words, like “Helmsman of the USS Constitution-B with…” Then make sure to save your signature.

Now for the fun part — head back to the main page of the board and choose a forum to participate in. Anything that strikes your fancy will work! Our goal is to be good community members and contributors to the forums, so that people will see our signature (which links back to our website), and want to join us. Always be a kind and responsible member, and represent the best of our community. The more you post, the more likely we’ll get referrals!

Have questions, or just want to join in the discussion? Check out the Publicity Team forum.

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FltAdml. Tristan Wolf, real name Jordan, founded UFOP: StarBase 118 – a Star Trek Play By Email RPG – in June of 1994. He previously served as the Commanding Officer for a number of simming installations, notably the first of StarBase 118 Operations. He currently lives in San Francisco with his partner and their Humane Society rescue dog named Baxter. Jordan works in politics, loves scifi (natch), fantasy, and new technologies.
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