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The Epic Moments of TOS Movies

This week, we continue our epic moments series with the Original Series cast movies.

The movies with the original series cast continued to be produced until nearly the end of the TNG series had come. The first of these was supposed to be a lead-in for the relaunching of the series, but instead started off an extremely successful series of movies. With the movies running from the Motion Picture in 1979 to the Undiscovered Country in 1991, this span saw a lot of change in the world, up to and including the end of the Cold War. The breath of the films was stunning and included many themes from current events, something that the series was always able to incorporate much to its own and its creator’s credit. It was these movies that set the Rule of Evens, where even-numbered Star Trek movies are good, while odd numbered ones are… well… not so much.

While there are too many moments that will live on in popular culture fame or infamy, here are a few of my personal favorites. Come chat about these or share your own!

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