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The Epic Moments of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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This week, we continue our ongoing series of the most epic moments of Star Trek with the third series, Deep Space Nine.

Set for the first time on a stationary platform, the concept of life aboard a space station was a new idea for the franchise. Throw in the fact that the Federation was coming in to a formerly Cardassian-occupied system and were quite a long distance from direct Federation support, there was the potential for a big fat mess landing in Commander (later Captain) Sisko’s lap. Despite a rocky start, which seems to be the pattern for Trek series, Deep Space Nine followed TNG’s example with seven successful seasons and a triumphant send-off. The darkness of the series, new for the franchise that had portrayed up until then a much brighter future, allowed them to plumb the dark depths of the human soul without disturbing the atmosphere of the series.

Here are a few of my favorites, thought there are others too many to include here!

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