Nestlé Developing Working Replicator

Like all good science fiction, Star Trek showed us the possibilities our future might hold. Some of these have become reality, from communicators that predicted cell phones, to PADDs that inspired the iPad.

One technology ubiquitous to Star Trek’s world that doesn’t yet exist in ours is the Replicator. Nestlé’s R&D wing seeks to change that – perhaps within a few decades.

The project, codenamed ‘Iron Man,’ is an extension of the company’s effort to analyze and map the nutritional needs of the individual. Eventually, it may be possible to meet these needs with a machine that synthesizes nutritional components into a custom-made meal.

Maybe this is more like the food synthesizer from Star Trek’s 1960s run. Maybe it won’t be able to meet your order of chocolate wobble with pistachio (and peach) like it did for Nurse Chapel. That’s okay – better not to spoil your supper.

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