Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Now that we have our theme, it’s time get right down to business with this weeks poll. And speaking of business, my character has recently changed her job on Discovery and now wears a different colored uniform. She has gone from gold to grey as she is now an Intel officer.

Those of you in the back! Stop snickering!

Anyway…that brings us to this week’s Poll of the Week question. Which Star Trek Captain do you think was the most intelligent? Why and what made you think he or she was the most intelligent? Was it something they did or said on a regular basis, or was it just a feeling you perceived? Was it the way they handled situations and/or themselves in various aspects? Basically, who do you think was the brightest, think on their feet, captain in Star Trek? Head on down to the polls and let us know who you think was the smartest Captain of them all, and why.