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July plot summary for the Duronis II Embassy

While the majority of the USS Thunder crew continued the rest of their shore leave, other members of the crew were dealing with a visitor… a Zalkonian named Malon, who had escaped a death sentence from his people, his metamorphosis into a non-corporal being made him a threat to his fellow Zalkonians, and he sought refuge from the Laudeans and the Federation. Malon belonged to the Zalkonian Evolutionist Movement, a group of Zalkonian who were destined to go through the change.

Fearing that Malon would attract assasins to try to kill him on Duronis, Captain Turner dispatched a shuttle on a recon mission to the Zalkonian border. What they found was a heavily armed mercenary ship in communication with a Zalkonian cruiser. Intercepts from the two ships indicated Malon was indeed a hunted man, and the shuttle tailed the mercenary ship to the Sandbar. unknown to them, the mercenary vessel had launched a yacht which had landed on Duronis.

Now faced with a possible confrontation with the Zalkonians, members of the Thunder crew, aided by an agent from Starfleet Intelligence, worked to defeat the “snuff field” before hostilities ensued. Meanwhile, the USS Thunder was dispatched to mine the sandbar to prevent the entry of Zalkonian warships before the cure was ready.

The test team narrowly escaped a bomb blast set off by the assassin, but he was caught shortly thereafter. Placed in the brig, he somehow escaped, possibly with the help of Major Heath West, who had returned after an extended absence. The cure was found for the virus, and with a Starfleet fighter hot on their tails, Captain Turner rallied the crew to hunt down the assassin and Major Heath West.

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