Is That…!?

This week we’ll be looking at cameos on Star Trek. Cameos are those who appear briefly in a work on stage or on television or in a movie and are generally unnamed characters or someone who appears as themselves. They are generally minor roles and many times non-speaking roles and generally appear, uncredited. Many times they are actors or actresses that hold a significance to the work where they are making an appearance or are popular in some other genre of work. These short appearances are quite common and Star Trek itself has had no shortage of cameo appearances throughout its running.

This week we’ll be looking at those cameo appearances of famous actors and other professions that have made cameos on Star Trek. Who did you think was the best and why? Did you even notice all of them as you watched the episodes and movies? If there are others I have missed, please let us know. So head on down to the polls and let us know who your favorite cameo appearance(s) in Star Trek were. This week I will allow multiple responses so don’t be afraid to click away 🙂

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