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Announcing the Innovation Ribbon

Among the service ribbons available for in-character actions, recognition for acts of bravery and honor abound; there are ribbons for saving lives, for using diplomacy, and for being taken as a POW; and there are even ribbons to celebrate each of the previous summer blockbusters. Until now, though, there’s been no ribbon to celebrate the creative use of science or technology in a dangerous situation. But for those of you who play cool thinkers and problem solvers, rejoice: the Innovation Ribbon is available to you!

Writes Emma, the ribbon’s proposer and the writer behind Captain Quinn Reynolds,

in the same manner that the Medical Science Ribbon rewards medical innovation to save lives, and the Diplomacy Ribbon recognises negotiation skills deployed resolve a dangerous situation, this ribbon would be presented to those individuals whose who apply their knowledge of STEM fields in a noteworthy fashion.

Be sure to keep your characters looking for those creative solutions — they might just receive special recognition! As always, remember that you can read more about all service ribbons on the wiki!

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