Forums Roundup: February 2014

Forums Roundup: February 2014

It’s February, which means that it’s that time of the year again. What time? Writing Improvement time of course! With lots of events planned throughout the month, there’s a lot to get into both on the forums and off. This year, the WIM team decided it would be a good idea to involve the Fleet via the interactivity of the forums, so be sure to take part in this year’s festivities there.
See sim spotlights, ask questions, or learn more about improving your writing by visiting the WIM forum threads:
Want to help bring the fleet up to date technologically? Step in and help one of our own update the wiki so that our technology can match the year we are simming in. For more information, head over here:
There’s a new roster in town – one with images that is automatically generated! Take a look here and consider contacting your CO to take advantage of this new wiki ability:
Don’t forget that the Top Sims contest, the Writing Challenge, and the Featured Bio contest are all still running. Nominate your favorite sim, write something using your newly learned Writing Improvement skills, or share your favorite bio and participate in one of these fleetwide contests:
For those who have recently moved to a new home ship, stay in touch with your old crew on the forums as well:
Of course, as there is every month, there is plenty more where that came from. Be sure to visit the forums and take part in the festivities this month. Until March, we’ll see you around the galaxy!

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