Time Well Spent!

Well I’m back! Back from the crazy last few months which had kept me from SIMming regularly. Crossing my fingers, I am hoping things are much more settled and that I can continue in this fashion for the foreseeable future.

With more free time on my hands, I have updated and fixed up my character page on the wiki, which is still a work in progress, and have a few other plans I am working on. With this in mind, I have allotted a few hours a week to basically catch up.

So, as so many episodes of Star Trek have dealt with, this weeks Poll of the Week deals with time. Time spent on Star Trek related activity in general, and not just in this group. Do you just dabble in Star Trek, or does it consume most of your free time? Do you think about Star Trek all the time or are they just passing thoughts? How much time do you spend watching, reading and writing Trek on average per week? Want to let us know? Then head on down to the forums and make it so!