The Tiger-A Through December

Tiger ThumbnailWhile on the surface of Bilire IV, the approaching offshore storm caused the Romulan makeshift dam to breech. As a result, many of the Romulan Colonist along with cerain members of the away team, had to evacuate and seek shelter high in the mountains due to approaching water. They found refuge in a cave that lead deep within the mountains. Near the hospital many were swept away by the flood waters. In the chaos, three members of the away team were abducted by Dodhun, a high ranking member of a race called the Reapers for reasons unknown. Proceeding deeper into the mountains, the team found evidence of a band of rogue Klingons that had been living there for sometime. Just as the team found the exit, a call was received from the settlement that they were under attack by Klingons. Coming to their rescue, the team was able promote order just as the hurricane became landshore. With no time to lose, everyone was transported to the Tiger seconds after the orbiting Klingon ship was apparently destroyed by the Reaper ship. The Tiger has set off in pursuit of the Reaper ship which has sought refuge in a large nebula nearby.

Follow the crew of the Tiger-A into January here!

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