Stardate Now! – Kali Nicholotti

::Stardate Now!’s music plays and the scene brightens to reveal not a man and a woman, but two women this time. The chairs have changed colour – one is now purple, the other green. Danica alights in the purple one while another woman in Starfleet uniform occupies the other.::

DANICA: Good evening, and welcome to Stardate Now! I’m your host Danica Galaxie.

::Lips painted neon pink stretch into a smile::

DANICA: To some it can seem like a man’s world, but for women like Kali Nicholotti, that’s never been able to stop her. ::She turns to her guest.:: Good evening and welcome to Stardate Now!

NICHOLOTTI: ::Smiling and nodding.:: Thank you for having me.

DANICA: It’s often the first question I ask my guests, but I find it an important and usually a very interesting one. What drew you to join Starfleet?

NICHOLOTTI: Both my father and my grandfather were Starfleet Marines. I simply wanted to follow in their footsteps, though, ::Grinning slightly.:: they were less than happy with that decision.

DANICA: Really? Now why is that?

NICHOLOTTI: ::Shrugging.:: They didn’t want their little girl running around with the likes of them I suppose.

DANICA: Immediately after your graduation, you were posted to the USS Resolution, but things didn’t go quite as planned. Can you tell us a little about what happened?

NICHOLOTTI: ::Grin fading.:: On my first mission, we were tasked with helping a new warp capable civilization with a medical crisis. While on the planet, we ran into a Hirogen hunter who had targeted our First Officer. I was leading his Marine escort when the attack came, which resulted in a wound that took my heart. It was replaced with a mechanical one by our CMO, with help from the Captain at the time.

DANICA: Despite all the trauma you experienced, you took the opportunity to better yourself. Would you please share with us that path you took and how you helped yourself heal?

NICHOLOTTI: ::Eyes awash with memories.:: Though I tried, at first, to continue as if nothing had happened, eventually it all caught up with me. I then requested leave, returned to Earth, and went back to the Academy to become a doctor. The idea was that I might be able to help others when I did return to active duty.

DANICA: You went from the Resolution, to the Eagle, to the Victory, to Starbase 118, and now to the USS Excalibur A. What prompted these various postings?

NICHOLOTTI: ::Chuckling.:: Usually, Starfleet reassignments. Obviously, I left the Resolution when she was decommissioned and was reassigned to the Eagle. From there, I took my leave and returned to Earth. After I became a Doctor, I found out that a close friend would be taking the Victory out on a quick mission to rescue a flag officer, so I signed on to help. That mission turned into the commissioning of the Victory, which eventually was assigned
to Starbase 118 Ops as the support vessel. Just recently, I’ve been assigned as the Commanding Officer to the brand new Excalibur, after serving Ops for almost two years.

DANICA: Congratulations on your promotion! How has this new title changed your outlook?

NICHOLOTTI: Every day changes my outlook. I’ve been in Starfleet for a long time, and I can say with some certainty that what you think you know is always subject to change based on what the Universe throws at you.

DANICA: Do you have any regrets or things that you would have done differently?

NICHOLOTTI: ::Shaking her head.:: Everything we do, everything we experience, and every choice we make comes together to make us who we are today. Sure, there are always some things we would have wanted to do differently, but then we would be different people.

DANICA: What do you see in the future for the USS Excalibur?

NICHOLOTTI: We’ve just embarked on what promises to be a long and fruitful adventure. With the new Quantum Slipstream Drive, we can go further and faster than we could before. It is my hope that we are able to reach out peacefully and make contact with new races and cultures, and build bridges along the way.

DANICA: What about the future for Kali Nicholotti?

NICHOLOTTI: ::Smiling.:: Ah, as for me, I will serve my crew to the best of my ability and enjoy the wild ride.

DANICA: Thank you captain. Well, that’s all we have time for this evening. Please join us next time on Stardate Now!

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