Spellcheck!!! – The Tutorial Series, Part 1

Spellcheck!!! – The Tutorial Series, Part 1

writing-ideas-originalIn the first of a series of new tutorials celebrating our 2013 Writing Improvement Month, our Captain over at Starbase 118 Ops, now wearing the hat of Professor Kalianna Nicholotti, takes us through some of the basics of common grammatical errors that sneak in and establish themselves in our musings within the 118 Fleet universe, including out the gate a ten (10) question pop quiz leading in to spelling errors and why sometimes the spell check doesn’t necessarily work.
This tutorial will cover some common words in the English (American) language and how, while spelled similar, can inflect different intentions within sentence structure, and in some cases, can mean completely different things.
Come check it out! You can find the first of our Writing Improvement Month tutorials here.
As for the grammar pop quiz… stay tuned, fellow readers! If it doesn’t make it, your friendly neighborhood reporter has the inside track on its whereabouts. For a comparison between British and American English, Wikipedia has an extensive article covering grammar, word derivations and vocabulary, as well as writing between the two, which can be found here.
Come celebrate our month-long 2013 Writing Improvement Month and bone up your writing skills with us!

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