September Plot Summary for the USS Tiger

With the news of a nearby Iconian Gateway, the crew of the USS Tiger-A found themselves posed to launch a full scale investigation. A mission briefing was held and an away team was assigned to investigate the Gateway. The away team found the Gateway deserted and encountered volcanic activity which threatened the mission, as well as very strange power readings which emanated from the Gateway. The team continues to investigate the Gateway to determine its main purpose.

Meanwhile the remaining crew on the ship worked feverishly to raise the Tiger from its watery grave on the ocean floor. Repairs to the ship were slow going and the process was arduous. The chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair, somehow managed to keep the ship together as it was slowly raised to the surface. Once the ship was raised additional damage was found to the hull of the Tiger. The crew is currently effecting repairs so the ship can exit the atmosphere and return to space.

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