September Plot Summary for the USS Mercury

The Mercury’s part in the Gateway Crisis of 2390 keeps them within the Menthar Corridor, though it sends them from their usual haven at DSX to the thoroughly unreputable Menthar Anchorage. Tol, the Ferengi owner of the Anchorage, has invited all manner of bidders and potential buyers to an auction he’s intending to hold for an Iconian gateway. How much honesty is there in this auction? The crew of the Mercury intends to find out, and a team (Cmdr. Melitta Herodion, Dr. Saveron, Lt. Jacen Fanel, and Lt.(JG) Trel’lis, with [PNPC] Cmdr. Ari Capronne) head to the Menthar Anchorage to take part in the auction. On the ship, other teams attempt to discover where the gateway might be, and indeed if Tol possesses knowledge of a gateway at all. Ensign Alora DeVeau places a call to her father, a galactic shipping magnate, and discovers that while theirs might not be, the Gateway Crisis itself is very real, and there are certainly more to the proceedings than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Mercury have been operating without their normal CO, as Cmdr. Harry Ross as taken over and promoted Lt. Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman to XO. Captain Kells is back on DSX after being arrested during shore leave for his responsibility for the actions at 83 Leonis II and the potential violation of Starfleet General Order One. Though he is prepared for a regular martial hearing, he is not prepared for the criminal trial that follows….

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