Publicity Team Relaunch: Your Fleet Needs You!

Publicity Team Relaunch: Your Fleet Needs You!

150px-PT_logoWe’re now just under two months away from the most eagerly anticipated Star Trek event of the year – the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness! When the first film in J. J. Abrams’s run was released in 2009, UFOP: Starbase 118 saw a large influx of members. Some of you reading now may remember joining at that time! We’re expecting a similar occurence this time around – we need to be ready to reach out to the members of the Star Trek community who are itching to continue the journey to seek out new life and discover strange new worlds that begins, or is reawakend, with a simple trip to the cinema!
The publicity team has always been responsible for marketing our group and enticing in new members to swell our ranks. We’re currently in the process of a relaunch – refocussing our efforts into search engine optimisation, social networking and casting our net as wide as possible to increase the number of people that we reach. We’re always looking for new members to help us in our endeavours! If you can spare 15 minutes per week (or more!) and you’d like to help bring new blood into the group then all you need to do is talk to your CO, who will be able to arrange with Captain Herrera for you to join the team! But joining the publicity team isn’t the only way you can help!
This call goes out to ALL members of the fleet who have a Facebook account (under your real name!) – have you found the UFOP: Starbase 118 Facebook page and liked it? We need you to like and share our Facebook posts – the more people we have doing that, the more our group gets noticed. Who knows, someone in your extended network of friends might be a secret Star Trek addict and dying to joing a Play By Email roleplay? And if your friends like and share our posts too, that’s when the magic happens! Taking it even further, if you have a twitter account, the same thing is possible – follow us on twitter and retweet our posts to spread the word to the masses!
We need you! It’s time to move this project to warp speed!

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