Promotions for February

Promotions for February

UFOP: SB118 LogoThe staff of StarBase 118 would like to take a moment and recognize the officers promoted in the month of February.  Please take a moment to congratulate them when you see them in the corridors of your vessel!
USS Apollo

  • Edward Johnson to Lieutenant JG
  • Debra Cross to Lieutenant JG
  • Sundassa Faranster to Lieutenant JG

USS Avandar

  • Rune Jolara to Lieutenant JG

USS Mercury

  • Eyas Wulfantine to Lieutenant Commander
  • Alexander Richards to Lieutenant JG

StarBase 118 Operations

  • Johanna MacLaren to Lieutenant
  • Alahndra Nevarass to Lieutenant JG
  • Joseph Dubeau to Marine Captain

USS Tiger-A

  • Aribelle Tagren to Lieutenant JG
  • A’ern Zerxes to Lieutenant JG
  • Bradon Jorey to Lieutenant JG
  • Chloe Mannin to Lieutenant
  • T’mihn Ah’my’gahn to Lieutenant

USS Vigilant

  • Oxford Brown to 1st Lieutenant
  • James Fox to Lieutenant JG
  • Dueld taJoot to Lieutenant JG
  • Kael Thomas to Lieutenant
  • Harold Foster to Lieutenant Commander
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