Post totals for November 2013

Post totals for November 2013

As part of the ongoing overview of the fleet as a whole, here are the monthly figures for total posts for each ship. This summary will give you an idea of how active the ship is on a month-by-month basis.
The first of the charts shows the average number of sims across all ships in the fleet by month, so far this year. So, summing the total number of sims in a month and dividing by the number of ships, we get the figures you’ll see below. Unfortunately a number of ships reported real-world issues that have afflicted their crews this month, taking quite a large toll on the number of sims produced by the fleet as a whole. Whilst sims were still flowing, they were doing so at a much lower than normal rate, as reflected by November’s fleet-wide average.

Our next chart gives the number of sims for each ship over the course of November. As mentioned earlier, there has been a marked drop almost across the board, with only the Avandar and Vigilant increasing their total since last month. The main reason for this drop appears to be a rise in real-world problems cutting into players’ ability to sim, which will hopefully prove to be a temporary situation that will clear itself up quickly and allow the fleet to return to – if not exceed – it’s usual levels of simming.

(Image credit: Memory-Alpha)

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