Poll of the Week: Way back when

Representation of EasterIt is not hard to see how many things in our lives are becoming or have become ploys by corporate entities to boost sales. Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against companies, whether large or small or local or international, trying to make a buck. Making money, after all, is the point of being in business. So, if said business isn’t making money, then it certainly doesn’t employ people, and that has widespread implications across the board. But today, I would pose this question: Is marketing going too far when it comes to national and religious holidays? In other words, are we losing the meaning of those holidays because of the commercial aspect of it?

For instance, in preparation for Easter, a local supermarket started selling Hot Cross Buns as far back as January. We barely got over New Year’s, and to my surprise, the supermarket was already selling these Easter related goodies even though Easter was nowhere in sight. I must admit that I am partial to those aforementioned goodies, but it isn’t hard to see that this is just one example of how national and spiritual holidays have become overly commercialized.

As time has passed since the events that we celebrate and commemorate today, we have lost and even gained perspective of why we are remembering these occasions. That could be called the evolution of a society and what it values. That said, is the commercialism attached to such holidays going too far in the here and now?

Now that I have had my say, it’s your turn to vote and comment on the forums. Remember, it is the discussion that makes these polls fun. If you happen to be celebrating a holiday, I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoy this poll.

Have fun Pollers.

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