Poll of the Week: Sunny with no chance of…

Computer consoleOf all the technologies seen in Star Trek, none can be said to be as amazing, as overlooked and just as unrealistic as the universal translator (no matter how far we look into the future) than the weather modification network. The purpose of which is to control natural weather patterns across an entire planet in order to create idealistic environments. The applications of this technology would turn a dismal rain soaked climate into a tropical paradise (aka Risa) or even simply remove the more extreme and often life threatening weather events of planet Earth.

Sure, all this sounds like a great thing — putting aside the fact that it would take us several hundred years to acquire the technology (if not longer given the fact that it literally breaks every law of nature). A world without tornadoes/cyclones and where it rains predictably on top of crops and dams would reshape communities usually plagued by such natural disasters and go a long way to increase the agricultural industry. But is it all worth it?

So this week I ask you all, would you decide to have a planet wide weather modification network if the technology existed? Or would you prefer to have the weather be somewhat mysterious?

Remember to let us know what you think you have to vote on the forums and please leave a comment to because that is what makes these polls really fun. Enjoy!

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