Poll of the Week: Square eyes are only the half of it

Poll of the Week: Square eyes are only the half of it

Man in front of laptopIt’s that time of week, so let’s get cracking with another weekly poll. Remember, if you want to see something specific in future weeks, please let me know in the poll suggestion thread. Now, it is kind of ironic that I’m asking you to spend more time in front of your computers, reading and thinking about Poll of the Week among other things, when this week’s poll actually looks at the amount of time a person spends in front of a screen.
It seems that more and more of our lives revolve around technology. It does make one wonder what we would all do if all the screens just ceased to work — but, alas, that is a topic for another poll. The simple fact is that the more time we spend in front of these electronic contraptions, the more we are putting ourselves at risk of a number of health issues ranging from deteriorating eyesight to obesity caused from the lack of physical exercise to depression and anxiety. Is it even more alarming that kids are developing tech proclivities at a much younger age these days?
So this week’s poll is simple: How much time do you spend in front of the computer and/or TV over the course of a day? Also feel free to comment on anything to do with this topic as I am sure that there is quite a bit to discuss. As always if you prefer not to mention specifics, that is fine.
While I do not want to encourage any of the health concerns that I mentioned above be sure to vote and leave your comment on the forums.  I hope you all have fun with this poll.

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