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Poll of the Week: Instability all around

It goes without saying that the political landscape is one that is constantly changing just as the dunes in a desert are rarely the same from day to day. Or at least that was what I was always told but I think that the point is pretty valid from current Earth politics to the major powers of 2390. Just as the Roman empire gave way to changing times in ancient Earth so it seems that many of the empires that we have enjoyed simming with over the years are moving from one from to another. Now that isn’t to say that there are still countless simming adventures to be had, but rather we will be enjoying those adventures amongst the remnants rather then in the shadows of once great rivals (which can be just as much fun in the end of the day).

The shape of our galaxy isn’t what it once was considering that the Cardassians are still recovering from the Dominion war and the once mighty Romulan Star Empire is in ruin after the Hobus incident. And while the Klingons are still, well, the Klingons they too are very different from what they were when they fought with the Federation against the Dominion. So if your anything like me, I suppose you would all be asking the same question as me too. And it’s that question that forms our poll for this week where we ask: Who do you think will be the Federation’s next adversary?

It goes without saying that the Klingons aren’t the only ones that are capable of challenging the Federation as there is still the Tholians, Breen and even Borg out there still? And that doesn’t even mention a couple of the more nasty Delta Quadrant species. Or perhaps the next chapter in Federation history will not feature an opponent that is so overtly obvious. In any case, no matter what you think let us know on the forums in the form of a comment or vote.

I for one don’t particularly want to see another war anytime soon and that isn’t what this poll is about, rather to have a little fun in speculating upon all the potential what-ifs out there. So have fun everyone.

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