Poll of the Week: Division 26 was it?

Poll of the Week: Division 26 was it?

And I hope you are all ready for another epic poll because this one is a little more of a doozie but I will let you all be the judge of that. As we all know, Star Fleet isn’t a small organization. And that just doesn’t show in the number of people involved but also in the number of sub-organizational components or branches that make up Star Fleet. Star Fleet Corps of Engineers, Star Fleet Medical, Star Fleet Intelligence, the Academy and the list definitely goes on. In fact it is a safe bet that Star Fleet  has more branches and divisions then it has letters in it’s own name.
When it’s mission is to explore space and go beyond what is known you wouldn’t expect the organization in question to be small. It is curious however that perhaps the most infamous component of Star Fleet goes without mention. And its history and purpose is hidden in the shadow of shadows. If you haven’t put the clues together, I am talking about the elusive Section 31. All the lore says about Section 31, and that really is all that exists to the vast majority of the Federation, is that this self governed “section” of Star Fleet Intelligence operates to deal with threats that go unseen by the rest of the Federation or that other branches of Star Fleet are unwilling to touch. Known operatives have been known and sometimes even prided themselves for showing an “ends justify the means” attitude.
It is easy to see why some call such an organization disgusting and detestable considering Star Fleet’s peaceful purpose in the Federation. But the question becomes what do you think? Do you honestly agree that there is a need for a section like this or do you think that it has no place whatsoever in the galaxy? As always, please feel free to comment after you vote on the forums because that is what makes these polls fun.
Over to you!

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