March for the USS Discovery-C

Discovery ThumbnailWhile securing a mysterious Preserver device in an abandoned weapons facility on Vador III, the crew of the Discovery is ambushed by the Breen, who steal the device. Apparently the device is one of two that has the ability to transport anything and anyone to any point in space and time in the universe, the other being on Discovery. Once used together, this potential temporal weapon will only spell the end of civilization as we know it. The Discovery’s paramount responsibility is to prevent the weapon being exploited by the enemy. After a brief skirmish, they follow the lead to the Breen homeworld, where they engage the enemy, taking heavy casualties and sustaining irreparable damage to the ship. When they are boarded by Breen soldiers, Lt. Cmdr. Blueheart orders the crew to abandon ship and initiates the self-destruct sequence!
Just then, the USS Discovery-F, led by Admiral Waltas and the survivors of the Discovery-C thawed back to life, arrives on the scene from the year 2576. The present-day crew learn that the temporal weapon had corrupted the timeline, causing the Discovery to be destroyed and crashed on the Breen planet, and Starfleet to become a socialist military state. The future crew had returned back in time to restore the timeline and save the crew from their tragic fate. Since time has been altered, all the crew has to remember the heroic rescue is a green crystal around Captain Waltas’s neck, which they will soon discover contains messages from their future selves.

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