June for the USS Tiger – A

June for the USS Tiger – A

The USS Tiger-A is currently on course for the New France colony at warp 8. The ship has been requested by the Triceblessed to assist with an epidemic that is ranging out of control. While in route to New France, most of the crew assembled in the Tiger’s Den for a short party before arriving at their destination. It was at this time, that the crew was joined by Ensigns Azin and Mek. If not at the party, many found recreation in the holodeck suite such as Lieutenant T’Mihn. A curious budding relationship appears to be developing between Lieutenants Zerxes and Tagren as well.
As the ship continued toward its destination, it was struck by a gaseous anomaly that enveloped the ship. Primary energy systems were affected as the cloud seemed to be sucking the energy directly from the ship. Despite the drain, the ship was functional and appeared not to be in direct danger. The crew is currently investigating the strange hitchhiker while enroute.

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