January for the USS Avandar

January for the USS Avandar

Avandar ThumbnailWith interphasic rifts making navigation around Poseidon increasingly hazardous with their erratic shifting, the crew of the USS Avandar get to work trying to find a way to avoid a potential catastrophe.
Help came from an unexpected angle, with contact being made with the other side of the rifts – and the Rubari, the explorers of their own dimension who were accidentally responsible for what was going on. The Avandar’s missing crew were confirmed to be on the Rubari ship, and it turned out the displacement wasn’t one-sided, with one of their crew lost and confused on the Avandar.
Inter-dimensional collaboration had a plan formed to neutralise the rifts, whilst a plan was worked on to get the stray Rubari back to his own ship. Retrieving the Avandar’s people turned out to be easier than expected, however, when they were caught in another rift – and were dumped into Poseidon’s ocean.
Lieutenant Commander Dickens led a rescue in a shuttlecraft, which very early had an unfortunately wet experience of it’s own, but the pair were recovered safely, and the last preparations to clean up the mess local space/time got under way.
Follow the crew of the Avandar through February here!

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