Forums Roundup – April 2013

Forums Roundup – April 2013

Sb118-stylized-10With the cold weather waning for most of us, and spring on its way in, the world itself seems to be coming alive around us. For some of us, that means more time outside, but for others, it’s simply a time when writing becomes a bit easier to do as our minds open up to the energy of spring itself. No matter what you’re doing this time of year, be sure to take a moment to stop by the Starbase 118 Forums, where there is always something going on.
This month, you can find a few interesting tidbits to jump into, such as:
The Top Sims contest has been restructured to make it easy for you to not only participate, but to vote as well. Stop by the forum threads to read the latest submissions, submit something you’ve read lately, or to vote on the most current batch of sims, one of which will move on to the year-end finals for the title of Top Sim of the Year! –
Speaking of great writing, the last Writing Challenge winner was just announced. Take a moment to congratulate them, or check out what the next challenge will be, by visiting the WC forum threads here:
One of the coolest things about Starbase 118 is the fact that our members create and innovate. One of these creations became what we know today as the race of Laudeans. With players across the Fleet playing members of this race, it’s only right that they have their own guild. Learn more about this 118 only race directly from those who interact from their mindset on a daily basis here:
What’s going on aboard your ship’s forums this month? There are games, places to share, and threads that will help you get to know your fellow officers better, all under the umbrella of your ship’s name. Check out the ships of the 118 Fleet and join in the fun here:
Have a few minutes and want to put that time to good use? Check out any one of our teams or the volunteers corner for ideas on how you can use a little bit of time and have a big impact:
Regardless what you generally get into during the Spring, when it begins to get really nice outside, make sure to stop by the Fleet forums to stay on top of Fleet happenings as we approach the activity that the new movie is due to bring in. It’s an exciting time in 118, so join the conversation and be a part of it today!

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