December’s Featured Bio Winner!

Lieutenant James is the assistant chief engineering officer on Starbase 118. His career started quite differently with him leaving the Academy with a major in engineering and a minor in communications and operations. He was disappointed that he was first posted to the USS Discovery C as a communications and ops officer when engineering is his main passion. During his time there he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He later transferred to the USS Drake to work as an engineering officer. After working there for a number of months and gaining experience he once again transferred to Starbase 118 to take up the position of assistant chief of engineering.

Outside of work James is interested in reading and Terran history, particularly from the 20th century. He also likes computers and one of his hobbies is using and maintaining old computers. Somewhat of a night owl, James prefers to work on the Beta shift and his daily routine allows for several hours of watching TV shows, reading or conducting research before he goes to sleep, but not before he’s spent a few hours at his own personal workbench. He has a strong love of tea, usually drinking over 10 cups per day!

Lieutenant James’s Bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of December. As always, you can find out more about the contest at its wiki page or in its forum. Round 2 is now open, so be sure to drop by and submit your own nominations!

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