A Time of Myth and A Land of Magic

This week, due to the pagan ritual where little children take over the streets and demand goodies from strangers  while dressed as ghosts, goblins and superheroes, we will be thinking about dress-up!

Last year, while serving on the USS Tiger-A, we had the opportunity to SIM on the holodeck the King Arthur lore. As such, my character was handed the role of Morgause, whom I endeavored to portray in the way the character was meant to be, by being taken over by an alien being who thought that what was happening in the holodeck to be real. As such, my character ultimately became Morgause and used the magics at her disposal and was conniving and underhanded.

To me, I found this to be a lot of fun to write as I was able to portray my character in a unique way. And so, with the new ship in the fleet, the USS Excaliber, my thoughts have once again turned towards the “time of myth and a land of magic”. The Kingdom of Camelot is the focal-point for this halloween’s Poll of the Week. What character do you think your character(s) may best portray in this scenario?

Would your character(s) be best suited to play King Arthur or one of the knights? What about King Arthur’s wife Guinevere? How about his father or mother Uther and Igraine? Merlin or the sorceresses who made appearances such as Morgana, Morgause and Nimue? Also, why? Why do you think this character would be best suited for your character(s) to play?  Inquiring minds want to know. So head on down to the forums let us know, for the future of a Kingdom may very well rest upon your shoulders.

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