September 2013

USS Mercury Plot Summary for August

The crew failed. The supervolcano on 83 Leonis II erupted ahead of its predicted time. Away teams from the Mercury determined, before this eruption, that Starfleet’s presence on the world

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USS Avandar Plot Summary for August

Another day, another unusual sensor reading – this time relayed to the USS Avandar, NCC-80203, by one of the long-range probes that have been launched to roam the Sector. At

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New Academy Leadership

I’d like to announce a change of leadership in our Academy: FltCapt. Sidney Riley is stepping down as Commandant, and FltCapt. Andrus Jaxx will be taking her place. Riley took

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The Next Nemesis

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go see the latest Star Trek incarnation at the theater, and after a few months release, I must say the crowds have thinned

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July & August Writing Challenge Results

Hearty congratulations to Will, the writer behind Lieutenant Ben Livingston of the USS Excalibur-A, who won the July & August Writing Challenge with his short story “The Genetic Engineer’s Manifesto.” The

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The Ongoing Voyages…Hand in Hand

Space may be the final frontier, but Major Leo Handley-Page and Lieutenant Commander Velana will not be exploring it alone.  After meeting through Starbase 118 via their characters, the two

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USS Discovery Plot Summary for August

On the other side of the wormhole, the crew of the heavily damaged Discovery learn that the derelict starship orbiting the M-class planet is actually the USS Columbia NX-02, declared

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