The Guild of Uncommon Species

The Guild of Uncommon Species

Guilds, within UFoP: StarBase 118, are a special type of taskforce that seek to bring together members of the group at large to gather, discuss, and exchange ideas on a central topic. Existing guilds include the Guild of Vulcans and the Lambda Alliance, and now the Guild of Uncommon Species has joined that short list.

The GUS is very new and is currently trying to find its feet — build up membership, encourage idea exchange, and plan activities. Ensign Aveunalliv, of the USS Avandar, has been influential in codifying the GUS, and hopes that the GUS “can become a very active, and important, guild in the fleet – after all, the Federation is made up of a lot more than just Humans and Vulcans. There are countless species, many of which we don’t really know about aside from that they exist because they were in the background on an episode of the show.”
The GUS hopes to provide new members with extra choices of species, too, and not just serve as a meeting place for existing members. “Many new players will likely choose something they are already familiar with, such as Trill or Betazoids, but I want to make sure they have a much wider selection to choose from. I know there is already quite a lot of races a player could choose to be, but assuming they randomly pick one from the ILI – somewhat like I did when I chose Caitian for my character – they will have what they need to make an informed decision about what race to play.”
To join in the discussion regarding the Guild of Uncommon Species and to help shape one of the most exciting new groups within UFoP: StarBase 118, check out the GUS space on the forums!

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