Strange Species: Eerie, a Brikar

Most rosters in the StarBase 118 fleet are filled with members of well-known species – humans, Vulcans, Betazoids, Klingons, Trills. Spiced throughout are the uncommon species, and this series hopes to investigate those unique characters and the writers who decided to explore the strange new worlds of Trek.

from the USS Avandar, Eerie, a Brikar

Writing for a Brikar is a unique challenge because the Brikars have never appeared in canon Trek; they have to date appeared only in the spin-off book series Star Trek: New Frontier. However, this nonorganic, rocklike race appealed to Mark, the writer behind tactical officer Eerie aboard the Avandar, and he set off to make the character his own. According to Mark, he already had the basic profile for Eerie before he decided to make the character a Brikar; indeed, it seems that the primary New Frontier source was not his principal guide. “I did a web search on the species and used some of that in creating the character; one of them was a Star Trek board game.  I tried to keep it  all of it in mind when describing the species.”

It is interesting to note that while the Brikar are noted as physically imposing, “statue-like,” and very strong, it is their temperaments — cold and closed-off — which seem to have informed Eerie’s character the most. “He still has a way to go, but after his time at the Academy, he knows he must open up more with others on his ship. It is slow road, but a fun on to see the development.” And the species-based physical quirks are not based solely around Eerie’s strengths: “He finds Starships cold, and likes the tactical position , as he doesn’t particularly like to sit down, as prefers to stand on duty and even off..  He is somewhat formal, and all business on duty, but will warm up a bit with close friends while off duty.”

What advice does Mark have for players interested in investigating uncommon species? “Perhaps, try to create some type of envelope for that species and work inside of the box. I like to ask myself how would the species react to certain situations, environments, etc.  I try not to stray outside of the envelope, both character and species. It is a lot of work but I have really enjoyed seeing it all come together.”

For more on Eerie, please visit his wiki page!

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